Jorge Welsh Research & Publishing, the publishing division of Jorge Welsh Works of Art, has been publishing scholarly books and catalogues since 1999 on the subject of works of art resulting from the cultural encounter between Europe and Africa, India, China and Japan. Our aim is to further the research and understanding of our field of expertise, whilst providing a platform for scholars to publish their work.

Our annual publications are the result of years of research by our in-house team or by independent writers that comply with our criteria of only publishing books that include new and relevant information. Each publication involves extensive research, high quality photographs, design and printing.
Since 1999, we have published a series of well-received research catalogues including
China of All Colours: Painted Enamels on Copper in 2015, Out of the Ordinary: Living with Chinese Export Porcelain in 2014, Ko-sometsuke: Chinese Porcelain for the Japanese Market in 2013,Art of the Expansion and Beyond published in 2009, Kraak Porcelain and After the Barbarians II. Namban Works of Art for the Japanese, Portuguese and Dutch Markets in 2008, and Zhangzhou Export Ceramics in 2006.
We also have published works by highly-regarded scholars such as our publication in 2010, Chinese Porcelain for Spain, written by Rocío Díaz in 2010, the first comprehensive book on Spanish Armorials and in 2005, European Decoration on Oriental Porcelain 1700-1830 by Helen Espir again the only book so far published on this subject.

In addition we are particularly proud to be publishing this three volume set on what is probably the most important private collection of Chinese export porcelain, The RA Collection of Chinese Ceramics: A Collector’s Vision by Maria Antónia Pinto de Matos one of the world’s leading experts on ceramics.